Why Do Etsy Orders Take So Long? | A Simple Guide

  • By: Reece Williams
  • Date: June 29, 2022
  • Time to read: 4 min.

Buyers love Etsy for the unique products and the independent seller spirit. There will always be something unique on Etsy no matter what you are looking for.

However some newer users to Etsy get frustrated by the time it takes to get items. In a world where you can get next day delivery on Amazon for very little, it can be quite a shock when you need to wait 2 or 3 weeks for an item on Etsy.

Why Do Etsy Orders Take So Long? Etsy orders are often made by hand, and made to order. There will always be a processing time needed to get an order ready to ship. Etsy sellers also use commercial carriers, and won’t have the dedicated network created by Amazon. This will lead to longer delivery times.

How Long Do Etsy Orders Take To Be Dispatched?

Why Do Etsy Orders Take So Long?

The short answer is “it depends”. Firstly, it will depend on what product type is purchased as digital downloads will be available instantly after purchase, whereas physical products will depend on the processing time to create the item. Processing times are set by each individual Etsy seller – however in my experience the average processing time on Etsy is a week.

If you are using the “estimated delivery” date on the product listing page, then this will take the processing time into consideration. This will be shown in the “Order dispatches” estimate.

If you are getting an item personalised then you should expect much longer processing times, especially if the item is made from a time consuming art form – such as painting or knitting.

All Etsy sellers should be open and honest about their processing times, so it should be clear how long you will be waiting for the order to be shipped.

How Long Do Etsy Orders Take To Be Delivered?

There are several factors that affect how long Etsy orders take to be delivered. These include:

  • if the shipment is being sent internationally
  • how bulky is the item
  • what courier options are available in the shipping country

An Etsy buyer should expect a delivery to be received within 1-2 weeks on average.

International Shipping

Firstly, Etsy is an international platform and many sellers will offer shipment internationally. Sending items overseas can take several weeks, and issues are often found at customs. You can tell where the item is being shipped from by checking the “Dispatches from ” note on the product listing page.

It is perfectly safe to buy things internationally, and its something that shouldn’t be avioded, however do expect the possibility of issues – especially if you live in the US as customs are particularly tricky!

Etsy will highlight sellers in your country with the “Local Seller” label. If you want quicker shipping, and no issues with customs, stick to these sellers!

How bulky the item is

Bigger items will take longer to ship. If you are buying furniture for example, you would have to wait much longer than if you were buying pack of stickers!

Options for shipping larger items are limited for sellers, so the lead time will be longer.

Bulky items may also need “named day delivery” required for shipping. This will also affect when delivery drivers are free and will affect the delivery date.

What courier options are available

Etsy greatly encourages sellers to offer free shipping on their listings. This in turn leads sellers to try and find the most economical shipping options. These are often slightly longer than the premium options, but it does offer a great cost effective choice for the seller and the buyer.

Regardless of how big the item is, or where in the world it is being shipped from, the delivery estimates will be shown on the product page. These will be based on all of the factors listed here.

How Can I Find Out When My Etsy Order Will Arrive?

There are two ways to find out when your Etsy order will arrive.

  1. before purchase you will see the estimated delivery date on the product page. This will be based on the information provided by the seller (how long it takes to dispatch the item, and what delivery method they will use to ship)
  2. once your item has shipped you will be provided with an estimated date by Etsy. On the dispatch notification email an estimated date will be provided. Again this is based on the same information above

Finally, many Etsy sellers offer package tracking as standard. Use this tracking when possible, as that will give the most accurate estimstes on when your item will be delivered.

What Happens If My Etsy Order Is Late?

Unfortunately, packages get delayed. Often due to issues with the courier. But what happens when this occurs?

Often sellers are not aware of issues with packages, however, if they do learn that there is an issue with a package, or the shipping service, they will be in contact either via email or a direct message on Etsy.

In this message they should cover the issue with the delivery, and (if possible) they will provide a new estimated delivery date.

If it has been several days since your package was expected you should reach out to the seller. They will then be able to get in contact with the shipping provider to find out what has happened to the package.

If the package has been lost on the way then the seller should offer solutions to the issue – often a refund, or a free replacement.


It is almost impossible for Etsy sellers to compete with the speed of delivery offered by the likes of Amazon, however once you realise the time required to make and ship each item it is easy to understand why Etsy shipping takes so long.

It is a trade off that I am always willing to take to get a unique item that I wouldn’t get anywhere else.