Are there Chinese sellers on Etsy? | Answered!

  • By: Reece Williams
  • Date: June 29, 2022
  • Time to read: 3 min.

When you are using a platform like Etsy, where items are shipped directly by the sellers you want to make sure you are buying the best.

Over recent years more sellers have started joining from China and other developing countries. Whilst this is not an issue in itself – as many sellers sell genuine handmade items – a large chunk are selling mass-produced items which shouldn’t be sold on Etsy.

So to answer the question – Does Etsy Ship From China? Whilst the majority of Etsy sellers are based in the US and UK, the Etsy marketplace does include sellers based in China and other developing nations. Any seller selling and shipping from China should mention this in their product descriptions.

Are Etsy products from China?

Does Etsy Ship From China?

There are certainly some items that are made in China on Etsy. However, Etsy does not release numbers on how many this may be. From personal experience buying on Etsy the number of items sold from China are higher in the jewellery and supplies categories.

It is important to note, that just because an item is being sold and shipped from China it doesn’t mean it is mass produced or in any way in breach of the Etsy terms of use.

If you find an item (regardless of country) that you believe is mass produced be sure to report it to Etsy.

How to tell if a product is being shipped from China on Etsy?

There are two ways to check if an item is being shipped from China on Etsy:

  1. The product listing will display the country of origin under the “Highlights” section. This will be the country selected by the seller as the “Shipped from” country
  2. In the unlikely event the seller has lied about the country of origin, you will find the country of origin on the customs stamps and labels

To be clear it is extremely rare for a seller to lie about the country of origin.This is a sure fire way to getting banned on Etsy!

If you do find an item has been shipped from China without your knowledge then you should leave a 1 star review and report the seller to Etsy.

Can products be resold from China on Etsy?

No. It is against the Etsy terms of use to resell mass-produced items on Etsy regardless of the country it is from.

It is very tricky to prove if an item has been mass-produced or is being resold – however if you have any concerns you should report the listing to Etsy.

How long do Etsy Shipments From China Take?

When shipping to the UK or US the shipping time can be anything from 2 weeks to 2 months. This is due to the delays caused by shipping.


There is currently an issue with resellers of mass-produced items on Etsy – however these sellers are very much in the minority.

Any seller from China should be listing themselves as from China in their listing, and the shipping times should be listed in the delivery etsimates.

If you have any concerns about an item being mass-produced or being resold always report it to Etsy.