What Are The Best File Formats For Etsy Digital Downloads? | And Other Questions Answered

  • By: Reece Williams
  • Date: September 28, 2023
  • Time to read: 3 min.

For those who are not experienced in creating digital products for Etsy, creating those first batch of products can be daunting.

Not only do you have the pressure of trying to make something that people will want you also have the pressure of making sure the file is usable.

Whilst it’s important to create files that are compatible with the latest versions of software, the first question is often “what file type should I be using in the first place”?

So, what are the best file formats for Etsy digital downloads? The most common file types on Etsy are JPG, PNG and ZIP. These are prefect for downloading, and for printing at home. Etsy does offer the ability to upload file types for most popular applications, so don’t feel you are restricted to these 3.

Of course, the best file format is the one your customers want to buy! If you’re unsure what your customers are actually looking for, then Etsy Hunt is ideal for you. Using their product database, and extensive tag search you’ll quickly find what Etsy users are looking for.

Etsy Hunt offer a free trail, so you can find what you need today with no risk at all.

What kind of files can I upload to Etsy?

What Are The best File Formats For Etsy Digital Downloads?

Before you can start uploading your digital products, you first need to consider what file types Etsy allows.

Here is a list of all of the restrictions put in place by Etsy.

You can upload up to five digital files. The maximum size for each file is 20MB. We currently support file types that end in:




















As you can see, pretty much every major file type and application is supported.

It is also important to notice that zip files are available, so if you have large files you always have the option to zip them up.

Can I upload a ZIP file to Etsy?

Yes, you can upload zip files to Etsy. The ZIP file type is one of 18 supported file types. ZIP files are ideal if you either need to upload more than the 5 files allowed, or if your files are larger than 20MB.

ZIP files are a great work around for all of the file restrictions put in place by Etsy. I would only recommend you provide quality instructions along side it to explain how to un-zip the file for all major devices.

These instructions can be included as a separate txt file on the listing.

How do I upload large files to Etsy?

There are 3 options for uploading large files:

  1. If the file is less than 20MB you can upload it directly to the listing with no issues
  2. Add the file to s ZIP file. This will compress the size and will usually get the file below the threshold
  3. Store the file somewhere else – like a Dropbox folder. All you would need to do is add a txt file as the digital download with a share link to the file


Etsy has support for a wide variety of file types. If you want to sell for a specific application, then you will likely find the file type is supported.

Whilst there are restrictions on the number of files, and the size of files, you will find you have plenty of options to make them available to your customers.

From zipping up large files, to self-hosting, there is no reason why you can’t share your digital products on Etsy.