How to get Admirers on Etsy | A helpful guide

  • By: Reece Williams
  • Date: June 22, 2023
  • Time to read: 4 min.

Getting admirers to your Etsy store can have many benefits. Read my guide to start increasing your Admirer count today.

How to get Admirers on Etsy? Followers can be gained organically. Making your listings and your store visible in Etsy search increases your chance of being found and your store being Admired. Having a consistent brand and style also helps attract Admirers as buyers will like the store, not just individual listings.

What are Admirers on Etsy?

Admirers are just like listing “Favourites” but are for the store as a whole.

Admirers will get notified whenever your store lists a new item, or when a sale starts.

You can see your current Admirer count on your store pages, just below the “sales” figure.

How valuable are Admirers on Etsy?

Admirers can be very valuable. They act a lot like reviews and listing favourites. The help with your search rank, as well as Social Proof, which can help convert more views into sales.

Instant visibility for new products

Admirers are notified every time you add a new listing. This is great as true admirers can help you get initial traction for those listings.

A store with plenty of admirers can get “favourites” on new listings quickly, which can boost their search rank.

Social proof

Much like reviews customers can see Admirers as a form of “Social Proof”. This adds trust to your store and brand and can help conversion.

When a buyer can see that others have “liked” a store it makes them more likely to buy. In essence, this is Social Proof – others can see your store is popular, this makes buyers want it more.

Improved search performance

It’s unknown whether Admirer count is used directly as a search metric, but simply having lots of them can help you rank indirectly – such as when you add a new listing or start a sale.

Admirers are informed straight away leading to a boost in visits, views-per-visit, and listing “favourites”. Each of these three factors is listed by Etsy as ranking factors, so they will have a positive impact on your store.

Ways to get more admirers on Etsy

Now we know how important admirers are, how do you get more of them?


There is a reciprocal nature to the members on Etsy and an “if they follow me, I’ll follow them back” attitude. This is very similar to many other online sites, such as Twitter where this technique for growing an initial audience is popular.

Find similar stores. Their admirers will likely like your store. “Follow” people who admire the similar store and they will often “Admirer” you back. This is a good tactic for new stores getting some initial traction.

Don’t overdo this as I’m sure Etsy frowns upon this tactic!

It’s important to note the “find similar stores” step. This ensures the people following you are likely to enjoy your products and will gain something by following you. A “similar store” doesn’t have to be a like-for-like similarity where they sell the same things, any store with a similar style or ethos would be ideal.

Another tip is to only “Follow” those with a high “following” count. You can see this next to their name. This will likely mean they know-how (it’s surprising how many don’t) and are happy to Admire new stores.

Be searchable

Organic Admirers will be the best ones to get. It’s important to ensure you are already doing everything you can to be searchable. Follow our guides on SEO ranking to help improve your rank.

Once on your listing, ensure you have links in the descriptions to:

  • Your main store page
  • The category the listing belongs to
  • Other similar listings.

Having these “next steps” to follow is great at bringing a casual viewer to being a store Admirer.

Ask for a follow

You don’t ask, you don’t get! Make it clear that you want the customer to Admirer your shop.

Include it on all listings. Even if this is just a note at the bottom of the description. A clear call to action will prompt some visitors to take the desired action/

Include this in all correspondence with customers. “Thank you” emails, package inserts, and order follow-up messages. Keep these actions in front of mind, so when they do feel ready to Admire the store, we are there to nudge them in the right direction.

Make it easy by telling them how they can Admire your shop, and why they would want to – it’s imperative that you make the offer that benefits them and not you.