How To Find Etsy Shops With No Sales | Quick, Simple And FREE!

  • By: Reece Williams
  • Date: June 22, 2023
  • Time to read: 3 min.

Etsy has a thriving community of buyers and sellers. We all want to help those just starting out in it and make them feel wanted.

The best way we can do this is by finding and supporting true creatives with unique work. This doesn’t always mean buying from them, there are many ways to help new stores out – which we will look at later.

But before we can help, we need to find them! So…

How to find Etsy shops with no sales? Etsy doesn’t have filters to find stores with no sales. The best way to find stores with no sales is by checking the Etsy Community Forums for sellers asking for advice.

How do you find new sellers on Etsy?

How To Find Etsy Shops With No Sales

The best way to find new stores is by checking the Etsy Community Forums for sellers asking for advice.

Firstly – sorry for repeating myself! But there are always sellers asking for store critiques, or those asking for advice on converting views into sales.

These are the stores who need your help, and these are sellers who are actively trying to improve. These are the ones who will go above and beyond to provide an excellent customer experience

How Best To Support a New Etsy Store With No Sales?

There are many ways to help a new store out. The best things you can do as a buyer (and possibly as a seller if you are one) are:

  • buy one of their items
  • leave a 5-star review – with a photo!
  • “like” and “favourite” their listings and store
  • Offer advice

Lets have a look at those in a bit more detail.

Buy One Of Their Items

Ok ok… This is a bit obvious I know! The best thing you can do to help a new store out is to purchase one of their items.

This has multiple benefits:

  1. It provides the seller with money they can use to reinvest and support their business
  2. provides confidence in their products
  3. provides practice at fulfilling orders – this will be new for them and it’s best to practice on a supporter of new stores
  4. gets their sale numbers up – this is important as sale counters are used by some to vet where they buy from

Leave a 5-Star Review

Once you have purchased the next best thing is to leave a glowing review.

If the item really did meet your expectations – tell everyone! To take this to the next level, add a photo of the item in use. Reviews with photos offer far more value, not only to the store owner, but to other prospective buyers.

Listings with recent 5-star reviews also get a bump in the search ranking, helping the “discover-ability” issues that many new sellers face.

Finally, listings with photo reviews have a much higher conversion rate than those without. So go on – get your phone out and get snapping!

“like” and “favourite” Their Listings And Store

Similar to the above – if you love the store and it’s items let them know by liking and favouriting them.

Likes and favourites are a known search ranking actor, so any increase will help them down the line.

Offer Advice

The most valuable thing in life is knowledge. If you are an Etsy seller yourself, and you have any words of wisdom to impart, then get stuck into the Community Forum and answer some questions!

You never know, the key to someone’s success could be in your head right now.


Etsy doesn’t have any specific filters to help discover brand new stores, or those stores with low/no sales.

The best place to look is in the Etsy Community Forums. There are people right now looking for support and advice, so if you can go help out and get some stores off the ground!