How To Change Listing Quantity on Etsy? | A Guide On Managing Listing Stock On Etsy

  • By: Reece Williams
  • Date: June 22, 2023
  • Time to read: 3 min.

Handling stock on Etsy is one of the biggest management issues for most sellers. This true for both those who work with hard limits on stock (where only a certain number are created), as well as those who make their products to order.

Handling stock can be tricky as minor adjustments are needed, either due to replacements being needed to be sent out, or having to add stock when an item sells out. So…

How do you change listing quantities on Etsy? Listing quantities can be adjusted in the listing’s edit screen, or can be done in bulk for “sold out” listings in the “Manage Listing” screen by using the “RENEW” feature. This is the same for physical products as well as digital ones. It is not currently possible to automatically add stock to sold out listings.

How Do I Add Quantity On Etsy?

How To Change Listing Quantity on Etsy?

To update the quantity of an “In Stock” product you should:

  • login to your Etsy store
  • Select “Listings”
  • Find the listing you want to update either by searching or by using the pagination options
  • Find the “Quantity *” input
  • Add the new stock level
  • Save by clicking the “Publish” button

To update the quantity of an “Sold Out” product you should:

  • login to your Etsy store
  • Select “Listings”
  • Select “Sold Out” from the “Listing status” filter
  • Either select the specific listings you want to update
  • OR select the checkbox above the listings to update all listings
  • Select the “RENEW” button
  • Add the stock levels in each of the inputs shown in the popup
  • Click on the “RENEW LISTINGS” button

How Do I Get Infinite Quantity On Etsy?

It is not currently possible to list an item with an infinite quantity. This is true for all types of listings – including digital downloads.

All listings must have a quantity greater than 0 to be available to purchase on Etsy.

Does Quantity Matter On Etsy?

Yes, scarcity messaging is shown when a listing is nearly sold out. These features are designed to increase conversion rates. These only show when the listing has a quantity of 5 or less. Keeping your listing quantities low will ensure this is shown on your listings.

Keeping your listing quantities low may help with your conversion rate, but will add admin time to your day as you will be updating listing quantities regularly.

Is There a Limit To How Much You Can Sell On Etsy?

No, there is no limit on how many listings you create on Etsy, nor how many items you can sell. When your listing sells out you can simply add more stock and continue selling.

But is this true for new and experienced sellers alike?

Is there a limit on how many listings a new seller can add on Etsy?

No, there are no restrictions on new sellers on Etsy. From the moment you sign up you can add as many listings as you like.

This is one of the reasons Etsy is great for new businesses, as other platforms – such as eBay – may restrict you at the start.


Stock is quite tricky to manage on Etsy. You may find you have to update stock on an individual listing level – which is time consuming.

Unfortunately bulk quantity updates is not available (for “In Stock” listings at least), nor is the option for an “infinite stock level”. Both of these features would make managing stock levels much easier!