Do Etsy Sellers See Your Address? | And Other Etsy Data Privacy Questions Answered

  • By: Reece Williams
  • Date: June 22, 2023
  • Time to read: 4 min.

Your data is important, and keeping it safe online is always your priority.

This is true for Etsy buyers, who may be conserned with sharing their payament and shipping details, as welll as sellers who may be concerned with sharing their email and return delivery address.

In this article I’ll break down the key concerns I hear from buyers and sellers, and will try to set your mind at ease. So first things first…

Do Etsy sellers see your address? Yes, when you make a purchase Etsy sellers will see your shipping address, but not your billing address. Etsy shares the minimum amount required for an Etsy seller to fulfil an order.

Can Etsy Sellers See Your Email Address?

Etsy Data Privacy Questions Answered

Yes, Etsy sellers can see your email address once you have made a purchase.

Why does Etsy share your email address? Many buyers checkout as “guests”, this mean they won’t have an account on Etsy, so the only way a seller can contact them is via email.

Also, many buyers only use Etsy once in a while, so they are unlikely to login to Etsy in order to check messages. It is easier for a seller to contact you about your order via email.

Is it safe to share my email on Etsy?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to share your personal email when shopping on Etsy.

Etsy sellers have strict rules on what they can and can’t do with your email address.

Firstly, they may only contact you if the message is related to your order. All other communication (marketing, upselling etc) is strictly prohibited.

Etsy sellers are also restricted by GDPR legislation. This states that an Etsy seller cannot add your email address to any mailing list without consent.

There are harsh penalties for those who break the rules. If you think your email address has been used for any purpose other than to contact you about your order always let Etsy know.

Why Does Etsy Share My Details With Sellers?

Etsy only shares the details required to fulfil an order.

In order for a seller to send your package to you they will need your shipping address, and some kind of contact detail to inform you of any issues or if anything needs clarifying.

Here is what Etsy has to say on the matter.

Sellers will only receive shipping information and limited buyer account information necessary to complete the order.

As you can see, Etsy takes data protection very seriously, and no data is shared without good reason.

Do Customers See Your Address on Etsy?

Yes, a seller’s postal address is shown on your Etsy storefront under “Seller details”. This is a legal obligation and you shouldn’t attempt to mask your address.

Data privacy isn’t just a concern for buyers, sellers will also have concerns about sharing their personal data too.

The biggest issue I have heard is sharing your home address on they Etsy storefront. This is accessible to anyone – not just those who have bought from you.

For those new to selling online, this may sound worrying, but this is common practice. It is a legal requirement for your address to be shown.

The address section is also at the very bottom of the page and is now protected by a ReCaptcha “Are you a Robot?” form. This protects it from being scraped by bots.

I have sold on Etsy for nearly 10 years, and have never had an issue with my address being shown.

Can Etsy buyers see your email address?

Yes, a seller’s email address is shown on your Etsy storefront in the “Seller details”. It is also shared with buyers once they have completed a purchase.

This is a more obvious one. Yes, your email address will be shared publicly on your storefront, and via the “Orders” section for buyers who have purchased from you.

Many customers prefer to email instead of message via Etsy.

I always create new email accounts for each of my Etsy stores. This helps me keep my inboxes clear of clutter, and makes it easier to find customer requests.


Etsy is very careful with how they share seller and buyer data. They will only share data if it is a required for a specific action to take place (e.g. a shipment to be made), or if there is a legal requirement – such as with seller’s postal addresses.

I have never known of any data privacy issues from Etsy, and such occurrences are very rare across the web.

I would suggest your data is incredibly safe on Etsy and data privacy shouldn’t be a concern when buying, or starting a new store.